WWI / WWII / Korean War / Vietnam / Gulf War

We will print with pride for any

branch of the US Armed Services:

My family has proudly served over 150 years in the US Armed Services:

  • Grandfather-Hawaiian National Guard/Army/Navy-12 Years
  • Father-Air Force-20 Years (retired)
  • Brother Val-Air Force-20 Years (retired)
  • Brother Robert-National Guard-6 Years
  • Uncle Teddy-Air Force-26 Years (retired)
  • Uncle Joe-Army/Air Force/Naval Reserve-39 Years (retired)
  • Uncle Collison-Navy/Air Force-20Years (retired)
  • Uncle Billy-Navy-3 Years
  • Uncle Louie-Air Force-4 Years
  • Cousin Earl-Army-18 Years (active)
  • Cousin Robbie-Navy-4 Years
  • Cousin John-Navy-4 Years
  • Great Uncle Billy….-20 Years (retired)
  • Great Uncle Eric-Merchant Marines
  • Great Uncle Wayne….-20 Years (retired)